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People born under the Virgo zodiac sign are smart and practical by nature but highly discriminating at times. Read on to find out everything about this earthy sign, including Virgo meaning, personality traits, biggest strengths and weaknesses. You can also check which signs they.

Well yes The most 'dangerous fun' during a Saturn transit is the suffering - it can become displaced, unconscious and a magnet for misfortune! Saturn teaches you that suffering and separation are one part of the human condition. While you are learning that, you might blame a scapegoat, repress rather than release your fears, or rigidify your attitude If you blame another person they get 'worse' or withdraw - you create isolation. If you blame a situation, conditions get harder - you create 'bad luck'.

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If you push down your fears and unconsciously nurture them - you create them as reality in your life Saturn is a creative force which needs your best efforts to work with it. Then Saturn cycles can be wonderful times to create a new reality. Learn the lessons of self reflection and focussing your energy - then you will create opportunity instead of crisis. Saturn's cycle will clear the way for a more confident expression of your nature and the discovery of new goals. One way or another, Saturn is about building a stronger life in whatever area of your chart it falls.

Thus for instance, someone with natal Saturn in the fourth house or aspecting the Moon might have a baby at the first Saturn Return. This building process sometimes means that the rug is pulled out from under you or something goes through a deconstruction in order for something else to be built.

Astrology and timing of events like marriage, job and death.

The Saturn Return can be difficult or sublime, but either way, it is a chance to claim your birthright - your wider social identity is waiting fgor you! Be patient, for Saturn's pace is slow and thorough. This little known minor planet reaches out to Saturn at one end, and Uranus at the other end, of its eccentric orbit. At the moment people are having their Chiron Return at age 50 or Those people having the half-way transit - the Chiron opposite Chiron cycle - are aged approximately 19 to The Story: Chiron is the centaur and great teacher of Greek mythology.

Half horse and half man, he combined the instinctual intelligence of the horse with the intellect and compassion of the human.

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Chiron cycles remind us of our instinctual nature, usually through events like health crises, pregnancy and birth, new bonds with children, deepened sexuality or a new connection with the natural environment and our own body. These transits propel us into a quest in which we learn to be our own healer and guide. We caim our life quest.

The Lesson: Chiron's lesson is a simple enough one - Nature is the great healer and your instinctive intelligence is the great teacher! Yet simplicity can be the hardest thing to achieve in the complexities of modern life. The barrier is not just the routines and structures of your life, but also the attitudes which perpetuate your personal wound.

This is the Chironic or the sacred wound,as explored in The Grail Legend - healing this wound requires a change of attitude, and often a change of lifestyle as well. Chiron's lesson can be hard or easy, depending on your birth chart aspects, yet it always brings a gift. That gift might be a richer appreciation of being in a body, it might be a deeper experience of Earth as mother, it might be exuberantly good health or it might be a healing change of attitude. These changes in your wellbeing are usually preceded by a Chiron crisis in which your wound, in its physical and mental dimensions, is clearly revealed to you.

Chiron opens doors so be prepared to walk through them! Uranus's Return, at age 84, is becoming a more frequent event, but still marks the end-cycle of an already long life. The most powerful Uranus cycle occurs at 'mid-life', somewhere between 38 and 45 years of age, when Uranus opposes its birth position. People born in the s, 40s and 50s have this transit at the earlier ages of 38 to 41, those born in the 60s, 70s and 80s, experience it later.

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Because these mid-years are the same time that the even slower planets Neptune and Pluto critically aspect their birth position too, this is part of the Mid-life Transits. Other critical Uranus cycles occur in our early twenties and again in our early sixties. The duration of each cycle is about a year. The Story: Uranus was the first Sky Father of Greek mythology, mate of the Earth Mother, Gaia, and ruler of the starry heavens and vast limitless space.

He is associated with the realm of visions and ideals and the transits of Uranus are times when we become accountable to our past and present ideals. Frequently we choose to disassemble our lives and put the pieces together again with a new ingredient. Areas of our life that have become stale and unfulfilling must now change and make way for something new. The midlife Uranus cycle is an oportunity to compare our dreams of twenty years ago with what we have actually acheived and make the necessary changes. Some past goals are rejected but at the same time certain unrealised dreams from the past become so urgent that we shift our lives to serve them.

Sometimes our earlier visions have come to pass but now we say 'So what? Something is missing'. An urgent intuitive sense of needed changes gives a quality of restlessness and recklessness to the cycles of Uranus. The Lesson: Lessons learned during a Uranus cycle often illustrate the way in which your Saturn forces of resistance and control are hostile to your Uranian urges for action to promote change.

The more rigid the restrictions in your life, self-imposed or from your environment, the more erratic, tense and even violent are the Uranian disruptions. These cycles demand that you re-invent yourself and break away from Saturn's comfort zone of old dependencies, stale habits and rigid maintenance of the status quo. Your Saturn force may be strong or weak depending on your natal pattern, yet it will attempt to block Uranian change, via fear of the unknown, inhibitions and even illness. Even if you decide that some necessary movement is blocked and proceed to make the necessary changes, you may still meet Saturn's retribution in the wider society.

Be prepared for some backlash when you challenge the established order and take 'the path less trod'! Remember the Uranus principle that there is no greater loss than life not lived, proceed as sensitively as possible to adapt to the obstacles and grow around them. Ironically, because Uranus evokes change, Uranian individuals who by nature prefer 'the path less trod', often find that their shift of heart during a Uranus cycle creates a hunger for Saturnian things like stability, commitment, security and status. This is particularly true of the midlife cycle.

The influence of Uranus is usually about a year in duration with two or three periods of greatest intensity which trigger crises of consciousness.

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Being a very slow moving planet, Neptune does not make a full Return in a human lifetime. Its period of influence is effective for about two years. Other Neptune transits occur in the late 20's and mid 50's and the Neptune Opposition at age Story: Neptune or Poseiden was ruler of the watery depths, god of the ocean and master of all in it. We live in those depths - they are our collective world of images and archetypes, and we all 'stream at night into the loving nowhere', dreaming our life dreams.

So Neptune's world is a mysterious yet familiar realm. In many ways we 'drown' during a Neptune transit - drown in a visionary romantic haze or a sea of self-pity, or in the perception of a higher truth. We may also 'dissolve' - past images of ourselves just vanish when we discover confusing, sometimes helpless, sides to our nature. We may experience the boundaries between ourselves and others dissolving, we can 'lose' ourselves in another person or in the oneness and beauty of life.

Neptune's transits are islands in time where we can recharge our visions and reweave our dreams, but this island also has quicksand! Practical details of daily life can become painfully muddled. We can chase that 'perfect' someone or something, sacrifice all for it, then find it was an illusion - an empty dream.

We can become a willing 'patsy', asking to be deceived or used.

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We must walk carefully in Neptune time, particularly at the midlife transit which has subtle traps - and the highest potential. The Lesson: Neptune's lessons seem to reach inside your usual defences, melt your resistances and reshape your dreams.

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Unlike the extroverted action Uranus promotes, Neptune cycles expand your private and personal life, things don't necessarily change in obvious ways. Yet the sense of becoming a different person is probably more profound than any other transit. Best to keep an open mind during a Neptune cycle and let the real dreams sift out from the many false illusions that your ego creates. You can easily convince yourself to lean the ladder against the wrong wall and still climb it. Confusion is common, yet after 2 years of Neptune's 'wide lens' approach you find that you have redefined words like 'real' and 'false' and that you can turn for guidance to something much wider than your conditioned social self.

Cooperate with this transit, swim willingly in its depths, allow your worldview to expand and your Neptune cycle will reveal its greatest secret: There is real magic everywhere Typically Neptune requires a sacrifice of something personal and rewards you when you willingly surrender to a deeper truth. Note: In the midlife cycle it is necessary to sacrifice some of the images of youth, but in the process you often uncover a kind of peaceful joy which the restlessness of youth concealed.

At the moment this transit is occurring at the earlier end of the scale. It has to do with the complexity of the job. Sun is the determining factor of success?? I would look more into Saturn and the 10th and 11th House Sun is more about your personality, spirit, and vitality. Libras are great with connections and flattering ppl in the workplace KRSchannel - Learn Astrology.

Late Success vs. Generating download link, please wait. Published : 7 years ago. But when Sun is weak, or in the sign of Libra it gives success in ones life after the age of Even though there are other planetary factor that give early or late success, Sun is the most important fact in seeing someone life on track in Horoscope. Debilitated 3 weeks ago.

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