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People born under the Virgo zodiac sign are smart and practical by nature but highly discriminating at times. Read on to find out everything about this earthy sign, including Virgo meaning, personality traits, biggest strengths and weaknesses. You can also check which signs they.

Raja yoga (Hindu astrology)

The presence of the Sakata yoga , the Kemadruma yoga , the Kalasarpa yoga , the Daridra yoga , to name a few ava-yogas , either stalls the operation of Raja yogas or completely destroys the Raja yogas. The lord of the 10th situated in the 6th house from the 10th, or either the lord of the 8th or the lord of the 11th associating with the Raja yoga formation or the Sun in its deep debilitation or Venus occupying the 5th house, the 12th or the 2nd house and the lord of the bhava of its occupation weak and afflicted or when all papagrahas occupy the kendras in their inimical or debilitation signs and are aspected by a benefic from a trikasthana 'cadent house' , are a few of the many factors that indicate Rajayogabhanga.

According to the Jaimini system of prognostication, when Janma Lagna , Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna are simultaneously aspected by a planet, the person becomes a ruler or one equal to him Sutra I. A powerful Raja yoga is caused if at the time of birth, Chandra lagna , Navamsa lagna and Drekkana lagna and the 7th house from these three are aspected by one planet Sutra I. Jaimini states that if out of the six lagnas , viz.

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Suryanarain Rao in his commentary on this sutra tells us that if an exalted planet occupies the Arudha lagna or the Moon, Jupiter and Venus occupy the Arudha lagna and there are no obstructive argalas but only beneficial ones, the person will attain to royal position. If the 2nd, 4th and 5th become equal in strength etc. If to the lord of the lagna or to the lord of 7th, the 5th house is occupied by Jupiter, Venus or the Moon, the person becomes a high Government official and wields political power. If the lord of the lagna aspects the lagna and if the lord of the Karaka lagna aspects that lagna , the person will have very good Raja yogas.

Jupiter situated in the Karakamsa i. Raja yoga Hindu astrology Astrology. Other texts. Text classification. Rites of passage. Gurus, saints, philosophers. Other topics. Elements of Vedic Astrology: A guide to fundamentals of Jyotish. Weiser Books. Savitri Thakur Prakashan. Phaladeepika PDF.

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Vedic Astrology: A guide to fundamenats of Jyotish. A Thousand Suns: Designing your future with Vedic astrology. Yes International Publishers. The Clockwise House System. Steiner Books. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Vol. Ranjan Publications. Phaladeepika Bhavarthbodhani.

Motilal Banarsidass.

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Suryanarain Rao. Varahamihira's Brihat Jataka. Raman Publications. Three Hundred Important Combinations. New Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers. Planets And Their Yoga Formations. New Delhi: Pigeon Books India. Retrieved 15 December Bhrigusamhita Phalita Darpan ed. Burari, Delhi: Manoj Publications. Varanasi: Savitri Thakur Prakashan. Delhi: Manoj Pocket Books. Delhi: Manoj Publications. Manoj Pocket Books. Slokas In his chart, 6th lord Mars is in the 8th with Rahu. Mars is exalted, so it has the necessary strength to qualify for Viparita Raja Yoga status. Lee Iacocca is another example of the Type A formation.

For a Pisces ascendant, the trik lords are Sun, Venus and Saturn.

In his chart, 8th lord Venus is in the 6th, while 12th lord Saturn is in the 8th. Although Venus is in swa nakshatra , granting it the necessary strength to generate yoga, it is aspected by Mars, which shatters its yoga potential. On the other hand, Saturn in the 8th is exalted and is in contact with no other planet, so its yoga power remains intact. After a major clash with Henry Ford at the end of his Jupiter dasha, Iacocca was fired from his job. But in his Saturn dasha he was courted by Chrysler and went on to completely rebuild the failing company, pioneering the mini-van concept, earning Presidential recognition and writing a popular biography.

For a Libra ascendant, the trik lords are Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. In her chart, 6th lord Jupiter is in the 8th with 8th lord Venus. And when we examine Jupiter, we see that it has no strength. Therefore, neither of these planets on its own produces yoga. But if we consider these two trik lords as acting in concert, the combination qualifies as a Type B version of Viparita Raja Yoga. Here we have two trik lords, at least one of which is strong, and they are joined by association.

Because they are trik lords joining forces, they could have done so in any house.

Do you have this Rajayoga in your birth chart

The 8th comes into play when we consider two broad themes in her life. She married into the wealth of the Kennedy family with her first marriage, and into even more massive wealth in her second marriage to Aristotle Onassis. And her life was marked by tragedy — the assassination of both her husband John Kennedy and her brother-in-law Robert Kennedy. For a Leo ascendant, the trik lords are Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon.

Raja yoga (Hindu astrology)

In his chart, 6th lord Saturn joins 12th lord Moon in the 7th house. Also note that at least one of the pair is strong. In this case, Saturn is doubly dignified, being in its own sign and gaining dig bala in the 7th, easily qualifying it the power to generate yoga. Gods and Goddesses. Hindu calendar months. Lalitha Sahasranamam. Shlokas and Mantras. Styles of Jothishi. Sun Signs. Temples of India. Vedic Astrology Houses. Vedic Baby Names. Vedic Chart Analysis. Vishnu Sahasranamam. Zodiac signs. Amala Yoga. Amala Yoga Amala Yoga is one of the good Rajayogas promising everlasting business success and fortune.

Bollywood Superstar — Fortunate to Have Amala Yoga Combination Being blessed with Amala Yoga is his natal chart, legendary actor Amitabh Bachhan has been leading a happy, successful and comfortable life. Related Articles. Amala Yoga Amala Yoga is one of the greatest Rajayogas promising everlasting business success and fortune.