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People born under the Virgo zodiac sign are smart and practical by nature but highly discriminating at times. Read on to find out everything about this earthy sign, including Virgo meaning, personality traits, biggest strengths and weaknesses. You can also check which signs they.

By their conjunction and interaction, they form what is called 'the triple opening' or the 'five-fold door' out of which the animal soul or the human spirit can 'look out upon the world of illusion. The final reason why the spheroidal true form of everything is apparently not seen on the planet can only at this stage be expressed through a quotation from an old esoteric manuscript in the Master's archives: 'The vision of the higher sphere is hidden in the destiny of the fourth form of substance.

The eye looks downwards and, behold the atom disappears from view. The eye looks sideways and the dimensions merge, and again the atom disappears. When the eye negates the downward vision, and sees all from within outward, the sphere again will be seen. Blavatsky: 'Man may escape the sufferings of rebirths and even the false bliss of Devachan, by obtaining Wisdom and Knowledge, which alone can dispel the fruits of Illusion and Ignorance. To the untrained eye of the savage, a painting is at first an unmeaning confusion of streaks and daubs of colour, while an educated eye sees instantly a face or landscape.

Nothing is permanent except the one hidden absolute existence which contains in itself the noumena of all realities. The existences belong to every plane of being, up to the highest Dhyan-Chohans and are, in degree, of the nature of shadows cast by a. Whatever plane our consciousness may be acting in, both we and things belonging in that plane are, for the time being, our only realities. As we rise in the scale of development we perceive that during the stages through which we have passed we mistook shadows for realities, and the upward progress of the ego is a series of progressive awakenings, each advance bringing with it the idea that now, at last, we have reached 'reality'; but only when we shall have reached the absolute Consciousness, and blended our own with it, shall we be free from the delusions produced by Maya.

But the miller knows what the gold will look like when extracted from the quartz, whereas the common mortal can form no conception of the reality of things separated from the Maya which veils them, and in which they are hidden. Alone the Initiate, rich with the lore acquired by numberless generations of his predecessors, directs the 'Eye of Dangma' towards the essence of things in which no Maya can have any influence.

A Common Theme The similarity between the description of Plato's cave and the image which shackled man's views on the cave wall and descriptions taken from the The Secret Doctrine, the writings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, and of the Tibetan, the Master D. Blavatsky talks of shadows cast by a magic lantern The Secret Doctrine I, pp. They last and appear, as the thousand of sparks produced by the moonbeams, only so long as the Queen of the Night radiates her lustre on the running waters of life: the period of a Manvantara; and then they disappear, the beams Symbols of our eternal Spiritual Egos alone surviving, remerged in, and being, as they were before, one with the Mother-Source.

Plato's Cave One of the simplest subjects to meditate upon and one which is illustrative of the technique here indicated is the cave described by Plato in his Republic. The topic is one which will reveal unending enlightenment when meditated upon. The following is the descriptive text and below is the illustration of the cave.

In this chamber there are men who have been prisoners there since they were children, their legs and necks being so fastened that they can only look straight ahead of them and cannot turn their heads. Behind them and above them a fire is burning, and between the fire and prisoners runs a road, in front of which a curtain-wall has been built, like the screen at puppet shows between the operators and their audience, above which they show their puppets.

Imagine further that there are men carrying all sorts of gear along behind the curtain-wall, including figures of men and animals made of wood and stone and other materials, and that some of these men, as is natural, are talking and some are not. They are drawn from life. For tell me, do you think our prisoners could see anything of themselves or their fellows except shadows thrown by the fire on the wall of the cave opposite them?

How could they see anything else if they were prevented from moving their heads all their lives? And would they see anything more of the objects carried along the road? Of course not. Then if they were able to talk to each other would they not assume that the shadows they saw were real things? And if the wall of their prison opposite them reflected sound, don't you think that they would suppose, whenever one of the passers-by on the road spoke, that the voice belonged to the shadow passing before them? They would be bound to think so. And so they would believe that the shadows of the objects we mentioned were in all respects real.

Then think what would naturally happen to them if they were released from their bonds and cured of their delusions. Suppose one of them were let loose, and suddenly compelled to stand up and turn his head and look and walk towards the fire; all these actions would be painful and he could be too dazzled to see properly the objects of which he used to see the shadows. So if he was told that what he used to see was mere illusion and that he was now nearer reality and seeing more correctly because he was turned towards objects that were more real, and if on top of that he were compelled to say what each of the passing objects was when it was pointed out to him don't you think he would be at a loss, and think that what he used to see was more real than the objects now being pointed out to him?

And if he were made to look directly at the light of the fire, it would hurt his eyes and he would turn back and take refuge in the things which he could see, which he would think really far clearer than the things being shown to him. Certainly not at first. He would need to grow accustomed to the light before he could see things in the world outside the cave. First he would find it easier to look at shadows, next at the reflections of men and other objects in water, and later on at the objects themselves.

After that he would find it easier to observe the heavenly bodies and the sky at night than by day, and to look at the light of the moon and the stars, rather than at the sun and its light. The thing he would be able to do last would be to look directly at the sun, and observe its nature without us ing reflections in water or any other medium, but just as it is. And when he thought of his first home and what passed for wisdom there, and of his fellow-prisoners, don't you think he would congratulate himself on his good fortune and be sorry for them?

Very much so. Will our released prisoner hanker after prizes or envy his power to honour? Won't he be more likely to feel, as Homer says, that he would far rather be 'a serf in the house of some landless man' or indeed anything else in the world, than live and think as they do? Yes, he would prefer anything to a life like theirs.

Then what do you think would happen if he went back to sit in his old seat in the cave? Wouldn't his eyes be blinded by the darkness because he had come in suddenly out of the day-light? And if he had to discriminate between the shadows, in competition with the other prisoners, while he was still blinded and before his eyes got used to the darkness And they would say that his visit to the upper world had ruined his sight, and that the ascent was not worth even attempting.

And if anyone tried to release them and lead them up, they would kill him if they could lay hands on him. The visible realm corresponds to the prison and the light of the fire in the prison to the power of the sun. And you won't go wrong if you connect the ascent into the upper world and the sight of the objects there with the upward progress of the mind into the intelligible realm The truth of the matter is, after all, known only to God. But in my opinion for what it is worth, the final thing to be perceived in the intelligible realm, and perceived only with difficulty, is the absolute form of Good; once seen, it is inferred to be responsible for everything right and good, producing in the visible realm light and the source of light, and being, in the intelligible realm itself, controlling source of reality and intelligence.

And anyone who is going to act rationally either in public or in private must perceive it. That's what we should expect if our simile is to be trusted. Nor will you think it strange that anyone who descends from contemplation of the divine. But anyone with any sense, will remember that the eyes may be unsighted in two ways, by a transition either from light to darkness or from darkness to light, and that the same distinction applies to the mind. So when he sees a mind confused and unable to see clearly he will not laugh without thinking, but will ask himself whether it has come from a clearer world and is confused by the unaccustomed darkness, or whether it is dazzled by the stronger light of the clearer world to which it has escaped from its previous ignorance.

We are like the three blind Hindus. We have only to change our vibratory rate to be one with that vibratory note of something or someone else. Our potential is immense. The human brain alone is a billion dollar computer which lies perfectly maintained, but almost silent. If all the wealth of the world and every single scientist were wholly employed in the construction of a mechanical replica of the human brain, there would be little hope of its completion in the foreseeable future.

Yet we contain such a computer within our crania. And our potential in higher structures of matter, in our subtle bodies, is even more complex. They show everywhere in the huge variety of paranormal phenomena witnessed as ESP on all sides in the outer world. The potential for them lies within every man. All men manifest ESP when they sleep. If we could retain consciousness whilst the physical body slept, our psychic powers could be recognised and used by us. As a soul, man possesses all these powers. In its descent into Maya, the Great Illusion, we have lost memory of our higher Selves.

Restoration of that memory, or self-remembrance, constitutes the unfoldment of the Third Eye. They are equally important. Remember that embryos, especially spiritual ones, need constant and persistent energization at all levels, in order to develop fully and rapidly. Remember also that you cannot ripen an apple with a blow-lamp! It takes time. It is the eye of Horus, of Egyptian mysticism; it is the straight poised snake of the Caduceus; it is the horn of the Unicorn; it is the biblical eye of 'if thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light'. But above all, the Third Eye is a physical organ innately acquired by all mankind whose potential operation is the right of every owner.

It is an organ of inner vision of which it has been said: 'Our physical eyes look before us seeing neither past not future, but the Third Eye embraces eternity.

For reasons that will no doubt become apparent later, etheric matter is not scientifically recognised, yet its existence is constantly experienced, if not understood. An example of this is provided by the shark attacks that occurred in Durban, South Africa, some time ago. One of the victims, who had his leg amputated, later complained in hospital of acute irritation where that limb had been.

Medical science can supply no plausible explanation for this phenomenon that is so often met with in war time, simply because it has as yet no knowledge of etheric matter. Other instances of the etheric and the Third Eye for the two are intimately connected are always apparent; alcoholics raving in delirium tremens, which can abnormally. The physical echanism underlying the functioning of this Third Eye consists of the pineal body, pituitary and carotid glands, and vortices of etheric energy in the etheric body.

The drawing below illustrates the position of the glands In operations, this gland is normally reached through the nostrils. The carotid bodies lie at the bifurcation of two large arteries that run next to the trachea windpipe in the neck. The importance of the glands is considerable and a section is devoted to them later. Electric Torch Analogy In order to emphasise and elucidate various details of this topic, reference to a simple analogy will constantly be made. The subject will be considered as an ordinary household electric torch with component batteries and their constituent charges.

The three batteries are the glands, pineal, pituitary and carotid bodies. Their charges are the vortices of energy or chakras which underlie them. In conclusion, a brief indication of how the torch is switched on will be proffered. This torch analogy can be carried even farther. Standing in the centre of a large room, one would, through the ordinary senses, only be aware of the vaguest outlines of its interior.

This is, in fact, exactly how man stands in the world of sunlight today See the illustration below.

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But once the torch is switched on, the room reveals the most intricate details of furniture, curtains, ceiling, floor, carpets, and all the other structures not formerly apparent. This means that one could observe the termites in apparently solid wooden panelling; or more constructively, man's inner organs could be observed and all traces of disease in them immediately recognised, with consequent enormous benefits to medical progress.

One could materialise a thought-form and clothe a mental image in physical and etheric matter. The implications are practically unlimited. And the physical equipment is innately available to all. For its operation, complex and involved processing is necessary, which varies in intensity in individual cases. But it is there for the development and utilisation of all men who consider the sacrifices worth the very substantial rewards. Without more ado, then, we will go on to study the 'batteries' and their important 'charges.

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It, therefore, is essential to study in some detail the etheric matter of which the etheric body is composed. And in order to understand clearly the nature of etheric matter, it is first. Clairvoyant investigations by Annie Besant and C. Leadbeater some 60 years ago revealed a number of anomalies in the contemporary scientific concept of the structure of the atom. The real nature of matter was in discussed in Part One. The atom is well likened to a minor solar system in which planets electrons rotate about a central sun the nucleus.

The nucleus of the atom contains particles called protons, each having a positive charge, and around them is a corresponding number of smaller particles known as electrons, each having a negative charge. So, for instance, in an atom of sodium there are excluding consideration of neutrons eleven protons in the central nucleus and eleven electrons moving about them, i. In all other elements there are different, though likewise balanced, numbers of protons and electrons. For example, the hydrogen atom has only a single proton and electron, while gold and uranium atoms have 80 or It, therefore, is deduced that all matter is ultimately reducible to energy in motion, which corroborates an ancient Yogi teaching that symbolises the atom as a swastika in a circle.

This, incidentally, is also the Esoteric symbol of Theosophy. Hydrogen Atom For illustrative purposes, a hydrogen atom should now be envisaged as enlarged from its actual size of less than a millionth of an inch to the size of a cathedral. The proton in the nucleus of such an atom would be no larger than a priest and the electron no larger than a 50p coin.

And the rest of the cathedral would be empty. This void then, is the composition of the atom in which man places his faith when embroiled in materialism. Here then lies the basis of the etheric matter making up the etheric body. While the East has for thousands of years recognised those laws governing etheric matter as well as those governing gases, liquids and solids, Western science has only recently begun to handle and measure this etheric matter and has as yet no knowledge of the etheric body and the laws operating on it.

Therefore, a detailed explanation of the etheric body will follow. But first, in order to understand this more clearly, certain illustrations should be studied. The illustration below supplies a rough indication of this. The illustration above depicts various states of matter.

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There are three physical and four etheric states of which the latter are more advanced. Of the scientific names given neutrino, electron, proton and ion , only the first is in any way accurate, as it is as yet impossible to describe in adequate scientific language the exact nature of the other states which hold good for the. This is because there are non-migrant states of subtle matter whose structures may be studied at some length in Occult Chemistry, by C.

Leadbeater and Annie Besant which underlie all tangible elements and which are scarcely sensed by current scientific research. Nevertheless, the illustrations serve to indicate the gradations and relative subtleties of the various etheric states, and their labelling will serve to give some idea of the etheric body in topical terminology. Armed with this key, a consideration of the etheric states in descending order and their relations to the etheric body is now attempted.

Etheric Matter The material world which we see about us and which we have come to love so much, which we hear, which we feel, which we taste ad nauseam is not just the gas, liquid and solid substance which we know so well. Just as water penetrates sand in a handful of mud, and just as we know that the water, in its turn, is interpenetrated with gaseous air, so that fish are able to breathe oxygen from it, so too are these gas, liquid and solid states of matter interpenetrated by much subtler states of matter of an ethereal nature but very tangible.

This very fine aether of etheric matter permeates all space and it is truly said that nature abhors a vacuum. The occult truth is that there is no such thing as a vacuum. Even the space between the planets and the sun or even that between the galaxies contains etheric matter. This fine material flows about in life-giving streams releasing its energy to plants, animals and man alike.

It is more concentrated in the region of the planets and even more so in the bodies of living things, where it forms a coherent, underlying or interpenetrating vehicle which is constantly transferring its energy to the grosser, visible structures or organs. The densest part of this coherent etheric body is composed of charged particles which are known as ions and these are easily measured in terms of their concentration with scientific instruments.

But the subtler orders of etheric matter are electrons, positrons and the host of sub-atomic particles now being uncovered by chemists. These are less easily detected because they are mainly neutral in charge and are constantly forming and decomposing. They are naturally more concentrated in regions of the body where metabolic changes are in progress.

This etheric body underlying all living things does not survive death but slowly disintegrates and returns into the etheric body of the planet itself This subtle body and the even subtler ones associated with it are described later. But first, what evidence is there, outside the esoteric teachings of all great religions, for its existence? The evidence is meagre, but it is accumulating as scientific expertise and instrumentation progress, and within the next generation its existence will be accepted, even if merely as an unproven hypothesis in scientific circles.

An inner aura extends an inch or so around the physical vehicle, varying a little in different parts. This body is the power supply of the system. It absorbs energy from the sun and spreads it over the nerves. Food is primarily for the purpose of maintaining the chemical balance of the body and to provide heat. The diagram is of special interest here because it shows the pathways of vitality energising the centres with the energy of prana derived mainly from breath. Our main supply of vitality comes direct from the sun and is absorbed into the etheric body through a specialised etheric organ within it.

Vitality or prana is taken to it and, after it has completed its vitalizing activities, it is projected outward in straight lines from the pores of the skin. Mr Leadbeater describes it as 'bluish-white' and as 'having the appearance of being striated. Kilner, of St Mary's Hospital, London, published a book entitled The Human Aura in which he described observations he had made of the aura obviously the etheric body for diagnostic purposes.

Ability to see this body was induced by the use of slides made from dicyanin dyes in a solution of alcohol. Such a result is possible because, it will be realised, etheric substances are still of the physical world and, therefore, amenable to physical laws. The Chakras Within the etheric body itself, there are several force centres or etheric organs known as chakras.

The existence of these chakras has been known for centuries and they are described in many occult books throughout the East, particularly in Hindu sacred writings. Six of them are indicated in the figure opposite. They arise in the etheric portion of nerve centres within the spine but terminate in circular depressions, somewhat like the flower of the convolvulus or morning-glory vine. Each one is a centre of intense activity. Two of them deal particularly with the physical body. The others are primarily links with the subtler bodies, bringing their forces to manifest in the dense material, as we shall shortly see.

All this has to be brought out into the light of day. The East with its ancient teachings has much to reveal but lacks the means of expressing the underlying truths. It is for the West to externalise the Wisdom that is hidden and to apply it in rationalised methods for the good of mankind. For instance, was vegetarian diet advocated merely because the life of animals is at stake? Is it just that?

Perhaps, partly, but I don't think so. I think vegetarianism causes rather a certain increase in the sensitivity of the nervous function of the body. We call this wisdom of the ages the Gupta Vydia and it is perennially contributed to by the flower of mankind. Over thousands of years the great body of knowledge accumulated 'by the flowers amongst the great fields of turnips' has been carefully preserved. Perhaps the most precious gem of ancient wisdom which the West has most need of.

The East has taught that direct knowledge of it can come through altered states of awareness. In such altered states of consciousness you are able to interpret with your widely extended range of senses, other states of matter besides the gas, liquid and solid which is the humdrum make-up of your present earthly environment. In a state of etheric consciousness you would 'see' into all seven physical states. You would understand the truth underlying legends concerning the existence of fairies, pixies, gnomes and other Deva entities. Thus underlying our physical bodies, made up as they are of gas, liquid and solids, there are existing as one single functioning entity subtle states of matter which are of the order of hydrogens, ions, electrons and neutrinos.

It was also asserted that it is possible to shift your consciousness from the physical body into the functioning unit of the subtle states of matter so that you are able thereby to operate on those planes of matter and are in fact able to examine other units which exist outside of you on those planes. Many people today are unwittingly experiencing etheric consciousness and they are describing their experiences in the full belief that they have occurred in physical consciousness. This is because in the etheric state you literally feel and see and hear with a sharpness no less pointed than on the ordinary physical plane.

An Exercise in Visualisation I would like all of you to visualise in your mind's eye, the outline of your own body, and having marked this outline clearly, I would like you to strip away the solid, liquid and gas parts of your bodies, just leaving behind the etheric part. Tear away the gases of the lungs, remove the liquids of the blood and lymph, the muscles and the bones, and let us see what is left. You will see the outline of the physical body.

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You should regard the firmer line as a sort of cellophane envelope or sack. A mere potential of outline. Note that there are three physical states, i. Then there are four higher states, labelled Etheric. Next to them is inserted scientific names reading: neutrinos, electrons, protons, and ionic. Of these terms only the first is in anyway accurate. It is impossible as yet to describe in adequate scientific language the exact nature of states 2, 3 and 4, which hold good only for the hydrogen element.

This is because there are non-migrant states of subtle matter which underlie all tangible elements and which are scarcely sensed as yet by science. The structures of the latter may be studied at some length in C. Leadbeater's book, Occult Chemistry. Nevertheless, the illustrations serve to indicate the gradations and relative subtleties of the various etheric states.

The labelling of these states with 'neutrinos, electrons, protons,' etc. Let us consider the etheric states in descending order and their relations to the etheric body. First State of Etheric Matter It is a popular misconception that there is such a thing as a complete vacuum or anything approaching it. From the centre of the earth to the centre of the sun there exists a medium of minute particles.

This medium invests and interpenetrates all that exists in the hundred old mundane elements which exist within the 'ring-pass-not' of this particular solar system. These particles are really minute whorls of energy in motion and are of the same order as 1p coins compared to the 50p coins of the cathedral mentioned earlier, but they are neutral or have no charge.

We exist in the medium of what are in fact ultimate physical atoms just as fish exist in water and like fish we are least of all aware of the medium in which we live. Knowledge of this state of matter has existed right down through the ages, generally under the name of aether. Occultly we know this to be the fifth element which will come under man's domination in this world period. The concept of aether has been held by physicists even in this century. Ether and Reality by Sir Oliver Lodge.

The first etheric interpenetrates all and when vibrating can transmit the energy of light and heat including wavelengths not yet interpretable by human senses or by scientific instruments. It has inertia and momentum. In fact the presence of its neutrinos is only registered by the scientist through their motion and resulting momentum. Because they are neutral they are not measurable through the use of magnets.

They exert pressure and have mass. Through this first state of etheric mater we are all linked to every other creature that lives. By means of it we are able to transfer our own impulses and energies to other entities including humans so as to influence them in some way and even to heal them by adding to or subtracting from their own energies. There is no break in the link between all living creatures. Our contact with each other depends on the degree to which each of us is able to motivate the minute particles of this plane; and herein may be found the rationale of thought transference and hypnotism.

Throughout the greater part of the solar system, this first etheric state of matter exists in a comparatively even and lightly packed state, but in the region of the planets it becomes more heavily concentrated, exerting pressure. The planet Earth is a vortex of the substance, as are other planets, and we humans exist within a greater vortex and are ourselves vortices within the greater vortex of the planet. Remembering how earlier we likened our bodies to cellophane sacks, we should now conceive of these outlines or sacks being packed heavily with these neutral particles so that the envelope of our bodies contains a heavier concentration of the particles than the surrounding atmosphere.

In a good state of health first etheric substance may be. Laws governing the first Etheric assisted by certain atmospheric conditions involving sunlight and ionization of the atmosphere, cause seven of these small particles to combine into a vitality globule using the energy known as prana for their synthesis. Under certain conditions these globules are often visible to the layman. Although the particles thus enclosed are apparently identical, each one has a ray quality predominant in it. There are recognised methods known to the Yogis whereby these vitality globules may be concentrated into the body, bringing added vitality.

These vitality globules by certain means are drawn into the body envelope to be broken down with a resulting release of their cohesive energy or prana. The seven particles now released are distributed to their corresponding force centres or chakras which exist in known parts of the body. The particles divide up according their rays, and each chakra is on a particular ray itself and therefore receives a particle on the same ray.

These resulting force centres or vortices of etheric energy chakras are depicted in the illustration of The Etheric Double. There are seven major ones and many minor ones in the palm of the hand, for instance. These chakras of the etheric body are observable to the clairvoyant or by he who has awakened his Third Eye. They take on the colouring of their particular ray. An understanding of the seven rays and their function is indispensable to the occultist who would wield the forces of nature.

In the writing of the Tibetan through his amanuensis Alice Bailey, a brilliant synthesis of the ray psychology has been made available to the West for the first time. Bailey While these chakras are essentially composed of etheric matter, they are linked or related to corresponding endocrine glands on the same rays. The endocrine glands form an important bodily system which, through the mechanism of hormones, maintains bodily balance in the face of activity or change of environment.

An interaction exists between these glands and the chakras, but more of this later. Second and Third Etheric States These two planes contain matter of the order of electrons and protons described earlier in the cathedral analogy as priests and small coins. These particles are charged either negatively or positively and therefore differ from the first etheric.

Particles of this plane have therefore greater 'ring-pass-nots' than neutrinos and are more easily detectable by science. Matter of these two planes may be found almost anywhere in the human body where cells are undergoing metabolism and also exist in concentration in the blood stream and nervous systems.

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Fourth Etheric The Ionic In the diagram below we have illustrated the sodium atom with its positive and negative components in balance. Sodium atoms have a density which is easily measurable but. It becomes an ion. As such, its ring-pass-not is enormously extended see diagram. It is now less dense and will pack less closely to other sodium ions because two positive particles repel. In becoming ionic the sodium atom has changed its state of matter and becomes etheric.

It has become more subtle and will possess a 'radiatory' effect in attracting any stray electron for the ion is positive and the electron negative. In the same way, but using far different equipment, a plant will go into imbalance and at the flowering stage will radiate a perfume that will attract bees to it as far as the end of the garden. It increases its rig-pass-not for the same reason as does the minor life within the sodium atom as it becomes ionic. The Pineal Gland Some inkling of the composition of the chakras or the charge of the batteries having been acquired, a consideration of the nature of the batteries must now follow.

It will be recalled that the three batteries of the analogous torch correspond to the physical pituitary, carotid and pineal glands, whose fluent interaction is indispensable to the functioning of the Third Eye. Therefore, while space here limits a brief elaboration to only one of these glands, it will be appreciated that all three must be functioning for this super vision of the Third Eye to be achieved.

In the previous section it was stated that the chakras interact with certain endocrine glands on corresponding rays each battery, in fact, has a particular type of charge peculiar to it and the interaction between the chakras and the glands is consequently integral. The pituitary interacts with the brow chakra, the pineal with the head chakra and the carotids with the alta major. In the following discussion of the pineal, the close relationship between gland and chakra must be borne in mind. The pineal gland lies between two great prominences of the brain, the cerebral hemispheres and the cerebellum.

The former is considered the seat of the higher brain functions in man and has developed comparatively late These hemispheres reputedly swelled out in the skull case as man evolved. The cerebellum, on the other hand, represents the oldest part of the brain, is primarily concerned with the control of movement and remains as it does between the early and late brain parts.

The pineal gland can be assumed to have developed at that transitional stage when animal-man was becoming human-man. The occult teaching clearly states that man has always been man as a separate and distinct species, though animal-like in the early stages. The gland resembles a recess or diverticulum in the third ventricle of the brain; the drawing of the memisected Brain above illustrates this ventricle as a kind of cavern containing cerebrospinal fluid. Having established then that the pineal was operating millions of years before the fore-brain evolved, some aspects of its ensuing development will now be considered in order to understand its true function.

Vestigial Organ Occult and scientific opinion are at variance concerning the importance, development and nature of this gland. The pineal body, though found to be relatively more prominent in some early vertebrates than in man himself, is occultly known to be a remnant of the third or median eye situated in the middle of the head and which in the early days of Man protruded like an antenna, long before the true eyes as we know them had developed.

Science, however, claims that the gland is the remnant of a vestigial organ left over from the days of amphibia and reptiles. In normal children it is known to function and develop until the age of seven, when it starts to wither away, invariably becoming atrophied at adolescence, and the high incidence of clairvoyant young children establishes reliable correlation between the two factors.

Current scientific opinion tends to corroborate occult teachings that the gland is really. An endocrine gland secretes hormones into the blood to bring about certain changes or conditions in the body: they are all physical counterparts of etheric vortices. The latest research is establishing some correlation between sex development and schizophrenia, both of which are of immense interest to the discerning occultist.

For the rest, scientific investigation has left many questions unanswered. Nothing, for instance, is yet understood about the sand-like granulations of the gland, which are described by Blavatsky, who links their presence to the activity of the brain in spheres of higher activity when large quantities of body electricity are focused in the head. Consider the occult interpretation of the gland's functions.

Haeckel' s theory of the developing human embryo now known as the Biogenetic Law , which occultism supports and even exceeds, states that the human embryo lying in the foetus during the nine-month gestation period, passes in a general way through a recapitulation of ancestral stages of Man's evolution on this planet. The whole history of the human race is depicted in the developing baby as it forms in the womb of the mother.

The pineal body appears about the fifth week in the embryo, indicating how early this gland began to function in the actual history of the human race. Sex Development The connection with sex development alluded to above becomes apparent when it is realised that the appearance of the pineal gland is closely followed in the sixth week by initial evidence of individual sex characteristics.

This confirms that the corresponding development of early man sexually changed at this stage from hermaphroditism to separate sexes. And as it is known that the. Blavatsky has said of the pineal: 'In the beginning every class and family of living species was hermaphrodite and objectively one-eyed. At first, the Third Eye, i. At the time the two physical eyes were undeveloped, but as the pineal body began to atrophy, the physical eyes developed. It now remains as the organ of 'inner vision'. The occult teaching appears to indicate that as the physical body reaches towards final perfection and the brain develops its powers of outer intellect, the inner vision is withdrawn.

However, H. But before the Third Eye is reawakened, mankind has to negotiate a great period during which the intellect is unfolded and this stage can never be by-passed, for it is not. And after the Day of Judgment in the middle of the next round, more than two-fifths of humanity will have failed to take the third initiation i. It is not an etheric chakra though it is related to the three mentioned previously, namely: the Brow, Head and Alta Major. It is, in fact, and organ that emerges with the spiritual growth of the integrated personality. It results from the interplay, radioactivity and overlapping of the three centres just mentioned.

This new vortex of energy see illustration below attracts into its whirlpool, as it were, the material of the planes of Atma, Buddhi and Manas to form what virtually becomes a great lens capable of psychic function. Each chakra is a battery; all must be present and charged. Then, the Third Eye, the bulb, may be 'switched on. Title: Mr. Title: The Reader's Encyclopedia Vol. Title: Lindbergh Author: Berg, A. JFL, Jr. Title: At Grandmother's Table.. Title: She is Everywhere! Author: Blumenfele, Larry, Ed.

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