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People born under the Virgo zodiac sign are smart and practical by nature but highly discriminating at times. Read on to find out everything about this earthy sign, including Virgo meaning, personality traits, biggest strengths and weaknesses. You can also check which signs they.

Would a Taurus fill a bath with flowers and lie in it? Hell yes!

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Taurus is the romantic — all about living a high-quality life full of beauty and pleasure. Staying in fancy hotels, getting their hair and make-up done, choosing the premium option — these are all distinctly Taurus traits yet somehow they still remain very grounded and steady. Oh, Gemini. You are the storyteller of the Zodiac.

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So many of my clients who are in online or traditional marketing are a Gemini or have prominent Gemini in their charts. I have a Gemini midheaven or career zone and this accounts for the large amount of communication in my work. My first daughter is a Gemini and so is my father. I adore my daughter and am estranged from my father. With my father, it sadly plays out in the extreme of this archetype. The man with two faces. The gregarious life of the party, the father who is affectionate and will always tell me he loves me and the tortured, angry, toxic masculinity that comes out without warning.

I told myself this story for so long. Kath you are not a speaker. Interestingly this event, which I actually found very traumatic at the time, heralded a period of my business and myself contracting. It was SO thrilling. My Gemini in my 10th house and career line wants to communicate, wants to share her message, wants to impact the masses.

She wants to be seen and heard. The loving mother but also the Crab who wants to retreat back into her shell…. This is the paradox of Cancer.

So loving, caring and nurturing but so easily hurt and with real tendencies to be a hermit. My moon is in Cancer in the 11th House of Community. I feel the very real drive to retreat into my shell and be a hermit but truly what my soul needs is to find nurturing and support through community and I have the potential to stir the emotions of large groups of people.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, feelings and emotions. Cancer needs to follow the ebb and flow of energy and work with her natural cycles. My Moon in Cancer which brings a beautiful, sensitive and nurturing mother energy to my work with clients. I care deeply about each and every one of my clients and I will give you both gentle and fierce mama love and help you to push past your blocks and limiting beliefs.

The moon is at home in Cancer and so I am deeply attuned to the moon cycles and I teach my clients how they can work closely with the moon for greater alignment and flow. Another fire sign Leo brings creativity and a desire to be seen and heard. Leo can be a little vain, egotistical and showy! Leo you are here to create and contribute.

You are here to be seen and heard. Where does Leo fall in your chart? Check the house and you will discover where you were born to shine. BUT my north node is also in the 12th house of the unconscious, the hidden, retreat and spirituality. So for me expressing my Leo north node is about spiritual service and retreat, tuning into my unconscious or subconscious and creating experiences for others to explore their spiritual and hidden selves. I really feel that astrology helps me to do this, helps people to discover the meaning of their life and what may be currently hidden from view but absolutely present.

Not always recognised by others as the healer — Virgo seeks alignment. My head gets fuzzy, I feel stressed and overwhelmed. And p. What was really freeing for me was embracing the other aspect of Virgo — the earthy healer and using my analytical gifts to embrace the very mental as well as intuitive modality of astrology to help others on their search for meaning totally resonating with my Sagittarius sun but more about Sag later!

Discovering astrology for me was like coming home and a match made in heaven all at once. It allows me to use my analytical AND healer Virgo rising, my search for meaning Sagittarius sun and my intuitive and nurturing cancer moon. In everything, Libra seeks harmony and balance. They are fair and have a strong sense of justice as well as a love of beauty. My husband is a Libran — a really typical one. He hates confrontation and believes that in life everything can be really harmonious. He has been a strong part of me fighting ironically for the harmonious life for myself and my girls and our little family that I have always craved.

Libra wants to be fair in everything but the shadow side is that Libra can be really indecisive, have trouble picking a side or even a dinner choice! Because Libra hates overt confrontation frustration and anger inevitably builds and they can tend to be a bit passive-aggressive. Libra needs to be encouraged to feel their anger and frustration in appropriate ways and know that it is OK to set boundaries and have their own opinion.

I have a lot of planets in Libra including Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto so Libra is a strong archetype in my overall soul blueprint. My deepest need and desire is for safety and security in a relationship as well as personal empowerment and strength. A key theme for me is balance. Balancing work and home. Freedom and Responsibility. Spending and saving. Joy and Pain.

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Scorpio is about deep, soul-level transformation. Scorpio is passionate, intense and perceptive. This means that as part of who I am especially through my business my path is to transform, to burn things down, to rise from the ashes, to reinvent myself over and over. So if you think to yourself is Kath changing her work again?! Yes, I am but that is exactly what I am meant to do. I am ever evolving and ever deepening. Scorpio can be destructive, jealous and vindictive at her worst and so Scorpio has a bit of a bad name in popular astrology. Represented by the scorpion yes Scorpio has a biting tongue.

My sister is a Scorpio and she was the sibling in our house who would yell, swear, and OMG hold a grudge for eons! Thank you so much. This is so right on, and exactly what I needed at this point in my evolution. It answers so many of the questions that I have been sitting with recently.

Many blessings to you. Nm 10th house…in gemeni!

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Pisces sun, Virgo rising. Leo moon Aquarius merc…and others I cant think of! Nm 10th house…in cancer! This is the most enlightening understanding of my 10th house Leo North node. I did everything I could for my mother, my father was absent, and my kids who are now adults I am estranged from. Thank you. I understand now my love of rescuing animals and birds. The actually appreciate it.

Can someone teach me how to make a living with astrology? Some promise it but want alot of money but I live paycheck to paycheck. Is it possible to achieve this worldly success without family and alone? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. What if you were a foster child and have to do it alone and without money and mine is in leo. It seems impossible or next impossible? D also in Aquarius. My Asc at. I got to say that this description of the 10th house was a bit unsettling. Sometimes you have to be wary of astrologers describing in only a negative way.

Just as your sign has positives and negatives, so does your planets and nodes in which ever house there in. Why did who ever wrote this not add the positive side of the nn in the tenth? Just that make sure you keep self love and real success and power is from self not from outer sources. From troubles with my parents I learned that real authority is self authority. If they do, they firmlfirmly get out back in there place. These circumstances what she described, wont happen if you you know your worth, know you have the power and self love.

Unsettling but true and a bit scary as to how accurate it was. But it allowed me to have a better understanding of what, and why things have taken place. But to be 33 years old I still have a chance to follow the true path I was place here for. My NN is in my 10th house in leo…28 degrees…right when the total eclipse is tomorrow…hahaha…should I be concerned? It fits me. Thank you, Celestina! I am just a newbie in Astrology but I wish I knew some of these things years ago. I think I paid, I have repaid and I will repay the owning Karma to my family in this life, for many lives to come.

I am the only child and my mom has done everything for me after she got divorced. Years ago, I was in a toxic relationship and I ended up being a single mother for a physically disabled child. He cannot do anything for himself, let alone for me. I still am a single mother with a 20yo disabled son now and an ill mom. When my ex had left years ago, he left me with nothing and with the little one. Luckily, I had and still have a job.

I had to leave my country and become an emigrant so I could be able to survive and make a living for my family. There is no life, time and strength left for myself.

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I asked myself many times what can I do to ease my life? This is why I got interested in Astrology, even though it is too late for preventing. The only thing I can do is pray for strength. My job is very demanding, in healthcare. I work only night shifts so I can be at home during the day for my family. Everywhere I turn in my life I see pain, death and suffering. The only thing that helped me to keep myself together and carry on, it was to surrender to life, live in the present and go with the flow.

There is no ladder of success for me to climb. Climbing a ladder means more responsibilities, and I think I have more than enough on my plate. As for social life, God, out there are only people who complain, and complain about everything and anything from above to below, and from below to above, when they actually have no real reason to do that. Because of this, I prefer my bedroom and a good book when I have a little time instead of going out.

And for some reason, the very few friends I have, they always open up to me with their little problems. They have families, they healthy, they have good lives, not rich but not poor either. Be blessed, Celestina! Oh, I can very much relate to your life situation. I had dual careers as writer and counselor. Most of those years were separated from family issues put on the back burner.

Balancing home and career was not easy. I am very happy to give my adult son extra attention now, though I resented it in the past. I, too, started avoiding complaining friends. In writing, poetry, or face to face. Struggle has made me who I am today, and when I look around, I see that I have been living a much richer life. I wish you the best!!! I forgot to mention, Celestina, that my north node is 10th house, close to Saturn in Cancer in 10th.

Been studying astrology for years as a hobby. I can certainly relate to both the description and your experience Mary. I have NN in Taurus near my midheaven, opposed my Neptune in my natal chart. My mother was an astrologer and this description wowed me. I have two disabled children, one child without disabilities, and my husband died suddenly when the kids were young. It has been said by many that my home life is overwhelming and I am instantly forgiven for any mistakes.

No one knows how I do it. I respect their point of view, but I also have Jupiter sextile my NN. I am far too relentlessly optimistic to accept that point of view as my own.

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The relationship between me and my two disabled children has been upended by professional obligations, undermined by friends and other family members, and pitied by many, but my personal fulfillment is unmeasurable. I love freely without complications, and the two children that still live with me in their own adulthoods support my personality in a way I never imagined being supported. They support me in the way I never thought I would ever find in another human being, and this is partially because they learned from the way I accepted their intelligence and worth since the day they were born.

I never dreamed of this as a gateway to what I was looking for all along. I was just following my own instincts the same way many parents do when they have children with disabilities. Yes, I sacrificed enormously for my children in the absence of their father, but what I found was what I never even knew I was looking for in life. Epiphany is a beautiful thing.

I could look at my life as a series of unfortunate events, but somewhere in the background is the faint whisper of the scent of roses. It calls me out and tells me over and over again that professional recognition is an illusion.

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  4. What is real is in how I support others and how that same support comes back to me even when I am too busy to notice it. It comes back to me even when it is not what another parent would recognize as support. The NN is also square my ascendant. Which brings me back to Neptune opposed the NN. The is the hardest part of being the parent of a child with disabilities.

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    This aspect is only off by only a degree or two. On top of that, Venus and Mercury are in the twelfth house. One comment further down mentions the negativity assigned this aspect, but there is always another possibility. What we are in hard aspect to is often just the fuel that our more positive aspects require to shine. Yes, I have an overactive imagination, but I smell the roses and maybe that is the success I came here to achieve.

    If not, I guess I will look somewhere else. Do you utilize out of sign conjunctions? Do you consider that a conjunction? Then why so I feel guilt….. Perfect article for me. One of the reasons for my divorce was that my ex expected me to be the super career woman AND be super mom — at every event with cookies.