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People born under the Virgo zodiac sign are smart and practical by nature but highly discriminating at times. Read on to find out everything about this earthy sign, including Virgo meaning, personality traits, biggest strengths and weaknesses. You can also check which signs they.

His introduction eliminated the mistakes of the Julian calendar, removing the extra three days every four centuries. If the year number is a multiple of , it is considered a leap one only if its number is divided by Cardinality is one of the three qualities that the signs of the zodiac possess. These qualities are cardinality, fixity and mu- tability. Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, they form a cardinal quadruplicity. Entering the Sun in these four signs means the beginning of a new season: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In astrology, cardinality is activity, initiative, makings of a leader, interaction with the outside world. Karma is a philosophical doctrine engendered by Hindu and Buddhist religions, according to which past and present actions determine the destiny of man in this life and all subsequent. Karma is not an astrological term, but the theory of karma is used in esoteric astrology, which emphasizes spiritual evolution and the unity of the soul and the cosmos. Karmic astrology studies deeper areas of human existence. The karmic horoscope shows the tasks that you need to solve in this life, what kind of karmic workings you will have, what your spiritual path is, etc.

It is also possible to superimpose two or more karmic horoscopes, according to which it is possible to determine mutual karmic practices of people at a deeper non-social level. Birth chart - natal chart A map of the sky, also called a horoscope, depicting the location of celestial bodies at the time of birth. The terms "horoscope" and "birth chart" are often used as synonyms, although, strictly speaking, a horoscope can refer to any point in time, and a birth chart - only at the time of birth. In the birth chart, the ascendant is a sign rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of human birth in the solar map, instead of the ascendant, the sign of the Sun is used.

Also, the ascending sign is the first house in the birth chart, and therefore the houses in the map are called natal. The birth chart is very individual, and many astrologers believe that it contains the only true description of the native. Qualities are the three types of energy that serve as the basis for the classification of the signs of the zodiac. There are three qualities: cardinality, fixity and profitability. Cardinal signs are enterprising, active, initiative.

Fixed signs are persistent, resistant, hardy. Mutable signs are multifaceted, adaptive and flexible. The quadrant is the fourth part of the sky. Quadrant - from the Latin word "quadrant", meaning "quarter" One of the quarters of a horoscope. Each quadrant of the horoscope consists of three houses. The predominance of planets in one of the quadrants of the birth chart has a certain significance associated with the position of this quadrant. A square is one of the main aspects formed when two or more planets are separated in a birth chart by a distance of degrees.

Before, the square was considered an unfavorable aspect, but modern astrologers believe that it points to conflicts and tests that temper the nature of the native. Quadruplicity is a group of four astrological signs belonging to the same quality. Quinquings are one of the small aspects that form when the planets are separated by an angular distance of degrees.

Earlier, quinquinx was considered a slightly unfavorable aspect; some modern astrologers believe that his power was underestimated in the past.

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Classical astrology is a traditional European astrology, based on the works of Ptolemy, Firm Materna, Morena. Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac through which the Sun passes approximately every year from December 22 to January Capricorn refers to the elements of the earth, this is the cardinal sign. Its symbol is a goat or sea goat , it is controlled by the planet Saturn. Those born under the sign of Capricorn are disciplined, responsible, hardworking, ambitious and purposeful. The comet is a diffuse object belonging to the solar system, often having a very elongated orbit, with the visible comet becoming only in the vicinity of the Sun.

The comet has a bright head and a diffuse tail of varying length, always directed from the Sun. The culmination is the moment when the celestial object crosses the observer's meridian. Near-polar stars cross the meridian plane above the horizon twice a day in the upper and lower climax. Leo - the fifth sign of the zodiac, in which the Sun is annually from about July 23 to August The lion belongs to the element of fire and is a fixed sign. Its symbol is the Lion, the Sun controls it.

Those born under the sign of Leo are cheerful, creative, self-centered, able to present themselves. Summer time is a time different from the time taken in the given time zone, for one hour introduced in the USSR from The moon is an astronomically-natural satellite of the Earth, the celestial body closest to the Earth, the brightest night luminary. On the new moon, the brightness of the moon is times greater than the maximum brightness of Venus. The average distance from the Earth is thousand km, the complete revolution around the Earth and around the axis coincide, which is why only one side of the Moon is always visible.

It shines with the reflected light of the Sun. The phases of the Moon are explained by the revolution around the Earth. The main phases are four - the new moon, the first quarter the right half of the lunar disc is visible , the full moon and the last, or the third quarter when the left half of the disc is visible.

From the new moon to the full moon, the moon is called growing, after full moon - decreasing. The waning moon is visible at the end of the night in the early morning in the east, and the young crescent of the Moon - in the west, just after the sun sets. Mythologically - the traditions of the Moon are as diverse as its faces in the sky.

In ancient mythology, Selena is the goddess of femininity, Demeter, symbolizing a caring mother. Artemis, the goddess of hunting, a symbol of virginity and innocence is a young, growing Moon. After the first quarter - Hera, the goddess of motherhood, marriage, keeper of the hearth. From the full moon to the third quarter - Proserpine, Persephone, Aida's wife, Pluto, daughter of Demeter, the queen of the underworld symbolizing transformation, rebirth, magic. New Moon, the invisible Moon corresponds to Hecate, the demonic goddess of darkness and ghosts, the patroness of illusions and deceptions.

Astrologically - symbolizes the unconscious in a person, shows the type of emotionality. Personalizes the mother, motherland, the nature of adaptation, the ability to create coziness and comfort, sincerity. In astrological interpretations it appears as a female, passive, night beginning in man and in nature. Abode - Cancer, exaltation - Taurus. Fall - Scorpio, exile - Capricorn. Enmity - With Mars, Saturn, Uranus. In astrology, the moon is associated with emotions, instincts, sensitivity and the unconscious.

It is often called the female beginning. The sign through which the Moon passes during the birth of a person is called the sign of the Moon and has an important influence on the individual - the second most important sign of the Sun. The sign of the Moon is associated with emotionality, spontaneous and unconscious reactions, and often with the hidden side of personality. In the zodiac, the Moon controls Cancer. Lunar is an astrological map calculated at the time of the return of the Moon to its natal position.

Lunation - the connection between the Sun and the Moon or, in other words, the new moon. Lunation is also a period between two new moons, equal to about 29 days. Modern astrologers often use this term, referring to the new moon, indicating in the horoscope the beginning of the cycle. The lunar revolution is lunar return the horoscope of the individual, compiled at the moment when the Moon returns to the position that it occupied at the time of birth.

The Moon revolution is used to forecast trends and events for the next month. Moon houses - the division of the zodiac into 28 sometimes 27 parts, based on the day lunar cycle its exact duration is 27, days. Initially, lunar houses were used in the astrology of the eastern world - Indian, Chinese, Arabic. Eastern astrology "Children of the Moon" is based on the lunar cycle, and the western "Children of the Sun" - on the sunny. Lunar day lunar day - it is more correct to call lunar days.

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The lunar month consists of twenty-nine or thirty lunar days, not always equal in duration. The first and last lunar day in its magnitude can be both within a sunny day, and within a few minutes. The moment of the moon's rise and the beginning of the lunar day depends on the geographic coordinates of the observer. Note: if the beginning of the lunar days depends on the geographic coordinates of the observer, then the time of the coming of the New Moon, the Full Moon, the transition of the Moon into the sign of the Zodiac does not depend on them.

The remaining lunar days they can be 29 or 30 last from one moonrise to the next, and amount to about hours. The lunar day does not coincide with the sunny days, and can begin at any time, but always with the rising moon in the morning and in the afternoon, and with the decreasing moon in the evening and at night. Thus, the first lunar day begins, and the thirties end at the time of the new moon, and the other lunar days are counted in time between the rising and setting of the moon. The moon without course , the idle moon, the idling of the moon, the moon in free care - all these terms mean that the moon is in a state where it does not form any major aspect to the planets until it leaves the sign of the zodiac and passes into the following.

In astrology it is believed that this occurs approximately every 2. The mage is the name of the members of the Greek caste in Media, later the Zoroastrian priests. In Greece and Rome so called, often mixing with the Chaldeans, people committed to Eastern cults and teachings, including - astronomy and Babylonian astrology.

Magic - so in ancient Greece called the mystical rites associated with astrology and various eastern cults, and later - everything connected in some kind of magic, fortune-telling or divination. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. The monastery is daytime - Scorpio, night - Aries. Exaltation - Capricorn. Falling - Cancer.

Exile - Taurus and Libra. Friendship - with Saturn and with Pluto. Enmity with everyone else, but with contacts with Venus often falls into her "under the heel", giving in to charm. Astronomically - the planet closest to the Earth, whose orbit extends beyond the Earth. The diameter is km, the average distance from the Sun is million km, the orbit is elongated. In astrology, Mars is a planet of energy, strength, sexual desires and aggression. The manager of Aries Mars, in the opinion of many astrologers, is also the co-registrar of Scorpio - a sign to which he previously patronized alone.

Now the ruler of Scorpio is considered the planet Pluto discovered in , and the influence of Mars on this sign gradually decreases. If Mars occupies a strong position in the map, the native is often active, enterprising, courageous and passionate. Mars also accentuates impatience, anger, conflict, predisposition to accidents. Medical astrology is the doctrine of the influence of planets on human health, on the course and outcome of the disease.

It also deals with health, diagnostics, hygiene and disease prevention. He studies the anatomy of a person, his individual inclinations and predispositions to certain diseases, periods of decreasing resistance to diseases. Among the famous doctors who contributed to its development - Hippocrates and Galen. Also, each of the planets or luminaries affects certain parts of the body.

Medical astrology is an application of astrology to health, nutrition, predisposition to certain diseases. In ancient times, astrology was used for medical purposes. Signs of the zodiac and the planet correspond to different parts of the body and associated diseases, glands of internal secretion and hormones.

Although modern astrology does not engage in practical healing, the connection between it and the human body dictates how to maintain health. The meridian is half of a large circle of the celestial sphere, starting at the North and ending at the South Pole. On Earth, the meridian is a line of constant longitude. On the celestial sphere, the meridian passing through the zenith is called the celestial meridian, or the meridian of the observer.

Meridian - a line in the horoscope, running from north to south and dividing it into the left and right sides. The meridian connects the middle of the sky and the celestial depth in the birth chart. Mercury is the first planet from the Sun. Night abode in Gemini, the daily abode in Virgo. Exaltation in Virgo. Fall in Pisces, Expulsion in Sagittarius and in Pisces.

Friendship - gets along with everyone. This does not mean the opposite: Venus-feelings do not like Mercury-mind because he brings rationality into her actions and does not allow to turn around. Enmity - with anyone. Astronomically - the closest to the Sun and the fastest planet. Periods favorable for his observations are quite rare because of the proximity of the Sun. The average distance from the Sun is 68 million km, the circulation period is 87 days and 23 hours. If Mercury is clockwise in front of the Sun - the morning visibility of Mercury, if behind the Sun - the evening star.

In astrology, Mercury is a planet of communication, intelligence, perception and intellectual energy. Mercury controls two signs - the Twins and the Virgin. With the strong position of Mercury in the map, the person is often clever, resourceful, reactive, has good speech and memory. Mercury accentuates sarcasm, conflict, coldness and deceit. Local stellar time is the time interval from the moment of the top culmination of a point on the local meridian up to a given time, expressed in units of stellar time. The month is the time that is required for the moon to complete one complete revolution in its orbit.

For the draconic month, the ascending node is taken as the reference point; its length is The sidereal month is measured relative to the stars and lasts for The sun is used as a reference point for the synodic month lasting Meteorological astrology - or natural astrology natural, natural - originally engaged in weather and agricultural signs associated with the visibility of stars and other celestial phenomena.

Subsequently - the totality of astrological knowledge and methods needed to compose horoscopes. World mundial astrology is a section of astrology that estimates and predicts world events, politics, and cultural trends with the help of planetary cycles. Mythological - Mars, Mawors, Marspeter - one of the oldest Italic gods. He was consecrated month of March - the first month of the ancient calendar, in which the year began from the day of the vernal equinox. At various times, Mars was considered the patron of fertility and vegetation, farming, fields and herds, wildlife.

The identification of Mars and the Greek god of war Ares occurred in a rather late period and was more inherent in literature than religion. But as the merging of their functions, Mars became increasingly revered as the god of war. Mars was considered the father of Romulus and the ancestor of the Romans.

Astrologically, Mars symbolizes the power of attraction, male sexuality, energy, man's will, action, but also - anger and violence. Strives to join the whole activity, not taking into account possible obstacles. A good, good Mars in a horoscope indicates willpower, youth, healthy uncompromising, confidence in victory and the reality of achieving the goal.

In the Babylonian astrology of portents, Mars was considered the most unfavorable planet, the heavenly incarnation of the god of war, Nergal. In classical astrology it is considered a malicious planet and has the epithet "a small misfortune". Mythological - Mercury and its Greek counterpart Hermes is constantly next to the solar deity Helios Apollo. He plays the role of the messenger of the gods, also conveys the desires of people to Olympus. It is endowed with wit, observation and cunning.

He was considered the patron of trade and merchants, his name goes back to the Latin word merx "goods", hence the mercator "merchant". He was also the patron of gymnastics and eloquence. He was also the conductor of the souls of the dead in the underworld.

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Astrologically, it expresses readiness and aspiration for contacts, for understanding, mediating abilities, speech, logical mind, entrepreneurial abilities, ability to teach, contactness, ability to express one's thoughts verbally and in writing, judiciousness. Well manifested in mediation and in cases related to the speed of reaction and the ability to formulate thoughts.

Mercury bears the epithet "androgyne," since from the time of Ptolemy was considered a planet having a dual nature - male and female. Milky Way - the projection of our stellar Galactic Galaxy - milk, from the "hala" - in Greek milk system to the celestial sphere, visible as a silvery foggy strip passing through the whole sky.

In Hellas, the myth explained the origin of this strip of milk, which sprinkled from Hera's chest. In the region of the constellations of Sagittarius and Capricorn, the brightness of the milky way increases noticeably, since it is in this direction that the center of our Galaxy lies. Due to precession, the position of the Burned Path in the Zodiac is constantly changing - by 1 degree in 72 years. The Natal Moon is considered to be affected, located near the Moon Nodes, in an eclipse. Men's signs are the signs of the zodiac, belonging to the triplicates of fire and air, namely: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

In astrology, masculine signs are considered energetic, oriented toward the external world, their power is realized through action. Mundane or astrology prediction is engaged in research processes occurring in states, that is, the object of consideration is the state. Horoscope compiled according to the rules of mundane astrology allows you to predict events at the state level: financial crashes, crises, coups, favorable periods for investment, starting negotiations, loans, loans, a change of government and many other issues related to government.

Mutuality is one of the three qualities by which signs are classified. The other two are cardinality and fixity. To a mutable quadruplicite are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. In astrology, mutability means adaptability, versatility, flexibility, readiness for change. The inclination of the orbit is the angle between the plane of the orbit and the plane of the ecliptic.

The inclination of the ecliptic is the angle between the plane of the ecliptic and the plane of the equator. Natal astrology is the most famous, is engaged in the study of all that is related to man and his destiny. The temperament of a person, his distinctive character traits, intellect, talents, inclinations, interests, financial opportunities, social position, which the maximum person can achieve in this life, the way of his earthly and spiritual development, professional and creative possibilities, is determined by the natal chart horoscope of birth , the presence of family and children, obstacles, problems at its ways, extreme events and more.

The natal chart horoscope is an astrological map compiled at the time of the birth of a person or the birth of a process. Heaven's depth - another name is Imum Coeli, the corresponding abbreviation is IC One of the four corners of the horoscope the four most important points. The sky depth, coinciding with the top of the fourth house, is located in the map exactly opposite the middle of the sky.

Heavenly depth is associated with the origins and psychological roots of man: parents, home life, all inherited from previous generations. Planets located in or near the celestial depth indicate an unconscious motivation for actions. The heavenly sphere is an imaginary sphere of arbitrarily large radius, usually centered on the Earth. It is convenient to assume that the stars are located on the surface of this sphere.

A stationary position is the position of the planet preceding the beginning or completion of the retrograde motion. At this point, she seems frozen. Like the retrograde movement itself, the immobility of the planet is an optical illusion connected with the earthly point of observation. Fixed planets in the birth chart are considered to have a very strong influence see Direct and retrograde movements.

Neptune - [lat. Neptunus] is the eighth largest planet from the Sun. Abode - Pisces, Sagittarius. Exaltation - Aquarius; according to other sources - Cancer. The Fall is the Lion; according to other sources - Capricorn. Exile - Virgo, Gemini. Friendship - with anyone: busy with their illusions, friends do not need.

Enmity - with Uranus, violating his plans; with Saturn, which does not allow all to smear and dissolve; and with Mars, forcing him to move from fruitless dreams to action. Astronomical significance - was discovered because of strong perturbations in the movement of Uranus. Leverrier reported the calculated position of the planet to the German astronomer Johann Gottfried Halle, and that September 23, found it in the sky.

The name of the planet is given - according to the ancient tradition of naming the planets - in honor of the god Neptune. Observation is possible only through a strong telescope. The orbit is close to circular, the time of revolution around the Sun is years and days. Mythological significance is Neptune the Greeks have Poseidon - the god-lord of the seas and reservoirs, the son of Saturn and Rhea, the brother of Jupiter and Pluto.

Together with Uranus belongs to the ancient generation of gods, personifying the primary ocean, chaos, in which all possibilities are laid, but nothing has been shown yet. Astrological significance - is regarded as the highest octave of Venus and the Moon, sometimes - as a synthesis of both of them. Symbolizes the world of mysticism, higher love, the ocean of dreams, creative imagination. Neptune-Poseidon is that primary ocean from which the land emerged. Symbolically indicates the desire for spiritual primal existence.

The map indicates primarily the temptations and gifts that can appear in a person, as well as the causes of the conflict between generations. Planet of geniuses and addicts, self-deception and intuition. In astrology individual Neptune is subject to such concepts as ambiguities, delusions; malice, cunning; confusion, uncertainty; Mystic; imperceptibly advancing changes; greed, falsehood and lie. Physiological functions - the creation of "white blood" leukocytes ; endocrine balance in the body, excretion of toxins, neutralization of poisons and metabolic products; the transformation of the Cosmic Noospheric information into a specific language: a way of thinking, ideals or a space-time continuum; Expansion of the individual experience of perception to a new level of cosmic life.

Diseases - glandular disorders, imbalance and diseases of the endocrine system; anemia, oxygen deficiency, energy exhaustion and debilitating, difficult to diagnose diseases. Hallucinations and delirium, catalepsy and hypochondria, neuroses and psychoses; drug addiction, substance abuse, alcoholism. Diseases due to weakening of the immune system, accumulation of slags, poisons and disruption of homeostasis. Tumors, weakening of the aura and energy-information fields of organs and systems, disorders and stagnant phenomena in the body and aura.

Astral lesions such as "spoilage", "evil eye", "slander"; mania and phobia. Professions - are connected with water and other liquids, water travel, chemical and perfumery industry; with the production of alcohol, poisons, herbicides. Film production and television production, art and fine arts. Philosophy with esoteric and transcendental directions; literature, music; history, paleontology, paleopathology, ontology. Spiritual leaders, mystics, romance. Feeling - sensitivity, telepathy, intuition. In astrology, Neptune is a planet of mysteries, illusions, imaginations and mysticism.

Opened in , Neptune is the second of the new planets. He controls the Pisces previously patronized by Jupiter. If Neptune occupies a strong position in the map, a person can be interested in spiritual matters, be artistic, possess the gift of clairvoyance. The influence of Neptune also accentuates escapism, mixing fantasies with reality, mental illnesses. New Moon - lunation - the phase of the Moon, the conjunction of the Moon with the Sun, while the Moon is facing the Earth with the unlit side and therefore is not visible.

The New Moon plays a significant role in the Astral cults of many peoples. Coinciding with the sensitive point of the Horoscope, indicates the important events of the next month. New planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are called new planets because they were discovered relatively recently. Uranus was discovered in , Neptune in , and Pluto in Aries is the first sign of the zodiac through which the Sun passes approximately every year from March 21 to April Aries belongs to the elements of fire, this is the cardinal sign.

Its symbol is the ram, it is controlled by the planet Mars. Those born under the sign of Aries are impulsive, energetic, quick-tempered, possessing the makings of a leader. Fire - One of the four elements elements , which may include signs of the zodiac. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs, they form a triplicity of fire. In astrology, fire symbolizes energy, aggressiveness, enthusiasm and impulsiveness. Circumpolar stars - whose angular distance from the North or South Pole is so small that they never go beyond the horizon.

One of the main aspects, formed when two or more planets are separated by degrees. According to the traditional point of view, this is an inharmonious aspect, bringing tension and conflicts. According to the modern point of view, he also provides incentives for growth and achievement of the goal, since the native has to solve problems and thus to acquire maturity.

Orbis - influence orbis An angular tolerance within which an aspect is considered strong. For example, trine is an aspect where the planets are separated by degrees.

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Orbis has a width of 9 degrees to either side of degrees. Thus, the trine takes place at an angular distance between the planets from to degrees. Orbit is a path in the space along which the celestial body moves under the influence of the gravitation of another body. The trajectory of a celestial body revolving around another celestial body. In our solar system, the Earth and planets rotate in their orbits around the Sun.

The orbit of the Earth is called the ecliptic. Also, the ecliptic is the path through which the Sun moves around the Earth, although in fact the Earth moves around the Sun. Orion is a bright constellation of the equatorial belt of the celestial sphere. In Greek mythology, Orion is a giant hunter from Boeotia, who brought upon himself the wrath of Artemis and therefore died. According to Ptolemy, the bright stars on the shoulders of Orion act like Mars and Mercury, and the other bright stars are like Jupiter and Saturn.

Osculating elements are elements that describe the elliptical orbit of a given body if all perturbations instantly disappeared. Since perturbations constantly distort the orbit of any body of the solar system, the osculating elements are constantly changing. A parabolic orbit is an orbit on which the velocity of motion at each point is equal to the escape velocity. Parallax - the value by which the visible position of the celestial object is shifted as the observation point changes.

Parallel - occurs when two planets reach the same declination or ecliptic latitude. Has a favorable nature, similar to the aspect of the connection. The ashen light of the moon is a dark part of the lunar disk, illuminated by light reflected from the Earth, and therefore visible only under favorable conditions.

Variable horoscopes - horoscopes, which are compiled taking into account the natal horoscope, take into account the symbolic or natural movement of the planets after the moment of birth. Perseus is a constellation in the northern hemisphere of the sky. According to Ptolemy, the stars of the constellation influence Jupiter and Saturn, and the nebula in the sword hilt Kapul is like Mars and Mercury. The planet is a body moving in a closed orbit around the star. Planet From the Greek word "planetet", which means "wanderer" A heavenly body revolving around the Sun and not a comet or a meteor.

Even in ancient times, people noticed that the planets move in the sky with respect to fixed stars. In astrology, the planets are also called the Sun and the Moon their traditional name is the luminaries. Modern astrology also takes into account the three new planets discovered in the last two centuries: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Each planet controls one or two characters. Astrology is based on the idea that the motion of the planets is essentially associated with events in the life of a person, his personality and behavior. Horoscope - a map in which the position of the planets at a given time.

Pleiades - in translation from Greek - "wild pigeon" - a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus, where seven stars can be seen with the naked eye, the position is about 0 degrees Gemini. In astronomy, the traditionally somewhat distinct pronunciation of some of these names: Alcyone, Celenus, Astero and Mirop. According to one of the myths, Orion pursued the Pleiades until they became in pigeons and were not lifted by Zeus to heaven. In astrology, the Pleiades were considered a source of all kinds of trouble. Pluto - Latin Pluto - the ninth from the Sun planet.

Abode - Scorpio, Aries. Exaltation - Lion. Falling - Aquarius. Exile - Taurus, Libra. Friendship and enmity - with anyone: official with all - its the task to clear, break, but not build. Astronomical significance - the ninth planet of the Solar System, was discovered on January 21, according to other sources - in February by the American astronomer Clyde William Tombaugh.

When choosing the name, the role played also the fact that the first two letters of the god's name coincide with the initials of Percival Lovell, who was engaged in the prediction of the possible coordinates of the planet and its searches. The circulation time is years and 7 months. The luminosity corresponds to a star of the fifteenth magnitude and is only visible in very strong telescopes.

Pluto's companion is Charon, a boatman in the kingdom of Hades. Visibility - observed only in a strong telescope. Mythological significance - Pluto - the lord of the underworld, the son of Saturn and Rhea, the brother of Jupiter and Neptune, the husband of Proserpine.

In Greek mythology, Hades corresponds to him. The kingdom of Hades is surrounded by the kingdom of Poseidon Neptune , so that the kingdom of illusion and universality has a firm foundation and shores in the "lower" world of the root causes. Astrological significance is interpreted differently by different schools and requires further research.

Usually Pluto is considered as the highest octave of Mars. Less than all planets are individualized - in each sign is about twenty years. Acts as the embodiment of power and the masses, the crowd, as well as powerful energies. It shows the Higher Will, the ability of man to interact with the Cosmic Hierarchy. He finds his own energy in the sign of Scorpio; which he manages.

Well-aspected - the transformation of living conditions, renewal on a qualitatively new level, with the burning of bridges and stereotypes of thinking and behavior, with transpersonal revelations and states of consciousness; predisposition to self-destruction and disintegration of personality, borderline between life and death.

Work and creativity for the sake of the evolution of future generations and of all mankind; working out collective karma and changing destinies, nations and nations through politics, philosophy, culture and religion. Improvement of social conditions, improvement of the laws of nature; correction of the gene pool of nations, races and humanity as a whole.

Strongly aspected - social, cultural, political or spiritual opposition to existing trends, the creation of their own alternative organizations and associations - including sects, mafias, clans and totalitarian states; the development of doctrines that have no recognition among contemporaries and bear fruit in the future.

Tyrannism, despotism of manifestations, denial of authority and past experience and achievements; Jesuitism, Inquisitorism, spiritual degradation and fatal exposure to Rock. Active - through hidden reserves and body reserves, the immune system, reproductive organs and systems and the sexual sphere, erogenous zones; through the regeneration of cells, enzymes and enzymes of catalytic and hydrolytic cycles. Physiological functions - metabolism and generation of enzymes inherent in its transformations; balance between anabolic and metabolic phases; the Krebs cycle digestive functions; synthesis of qualitatively new elements and alchemical transformations in the body.

Protective functions of the body and its stability to cosmic radiation, radiation and external pathogenic effects. Ability to withhold transcendental; states and powerful energy-information flows. Diseases - are associated with heredity, blood, karma and a radical need to change the world outlook. Diseases resulting from an incorrect lifestyle, excesses, inordinate pleasures, digestive disorders, dysfunctions of the endocrine glands; diseases of reproductive organs and venereal, AIDS; blood diseases and chronic acidosis, salt deposits, arthritis and atherosclerotic lesions of organs and systems.

Defeats the energy-information shells of the aura, "curses," "excommunication"; Cancer and diseases incurable without the intervention of the higher forces of the Cosmic Hierarchy. Professions - related with power over the minds and souls of people, with organized labor and group activities, trade unions, political parties and secret associations; state, banking, monopolies and concessions; research and scientific activities related to the transformation and discovery of the laws of nature, high energies, alchemical, magical, extrasensory abilities, healing, rejuvenation and victory over!

Vice - the use of others' weaknesses for personal purposes, cruelty. Virtue dignity - brotherhood, the desire for spiritual transformation. Metal frame - tungsten, plutonium, titanium, synthetic metals and substances, cermets. Precious stones - sardonyx, amazonite, beryl, jasper, nephrite, enamel, ceramics. Plants - plants-predators, mandrake, elecampane, nut-coca, coffee; ginseng, plants of the Araliev family: golden root, lemongrass, maral root, etc. Color - intense concentration of red-orange with hues, prominences and glowing flashes that are in continuous motion like the effects of color music.

Taste is a synthetic taste sensation, rarely found in its pure form for example, the substance is a thousand times sweeter than sugar ; elixirs of immortality or a philosopher's stone, enlightening and transforming perception. The smell is with a sulphurous shade, with the presence of nitrogen dioxide laughing gas. The organ of perception is the spine and its subtle energies, the crown, the Sahasrara. In astrology, Pluto is a planet of restorative forces, destruction, destruction and transformation. Discovered in , Pluto is the third of the new planets.

He controls Scorpio who was previously patronized by Mars. Pluto spends many years in every sign of the zodiac and influences generations. If he takes a strong position in the individual birth chart, a person's life will be marked by a change or a return to the past. Pluto also enhances love for power. His positive influence is manifested in the personalities of the great leaders, and negative in dictators, gangsters and murderers.

Full Moon is the phase of the Moon, in which the entire illuminated side of the Moon is visible from the Earth. At this time, the Moon is in opposition to the Sun, and the moment of its rising approach approximately coincides with the moment of sunset Sunrise , so that the Moon is visible all night.

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Especially important is the full moon spring - the first full moon after the vernal equinox, since it is used to calculate the date of the Christian Easter. Semi-conduit dome - two heavenly hemispheres are distinguished - North and South. One of the small aspects that occurs when two or more planets are separated in a birth chart by a distance of degrees.

It is considered weakly favorable, much less strong than sextile. The penumbra is the outer part of the shadow, from the celestial body in which the light source is only partially closed. The hemispheric accent - the horoscope is divided into four parts - upper and lower southern and northern , as well as left and right eastern and western hemispheres. The predominance of planets in the upper hemisphere indicates extrovertedness, and in the lower one - about introvertness. The predominance of planets in the left hemisphere emphasizes the impact of man on the outside world, and the predominance of planets in the right hemisphere is the impact of the external world on man.

The pole is the point of the sphere in which it intersects the perpendicular through the center of the plane of this large circle. In each case, there are two poles, called north and south for short. For example, the pole of the ecliptic or the pole of the equator. Fields houses - a coordinate system similar to the signs of the Zodiac, based on the daily movement of the Earth around its axis.

Tied to the moment and place of birth. Polarity - a group of two astrological signs, opposing each other in the zodiac; for example, Aries and Libra make up the polarity. Also, polarity is an opposing sign; for example, Aquarius - the polarity of the Lion. Timezone correction is the number of hours that must be added or subtracted from Greenwich time in order to obtain the time of the day. Progressive horoscope - variable horoscope, built according to the rules of progressive movement of the horoscope points.

A map compiled for a specific date in the future and used together with a birth chart to predict and evaluate future events and trends. The most common formula was "day after year," according to which a horoscope is prepared for a date that is separated from the birthday by as many days, for how many years the year of interest is from the year of birth.

Confrontation is a configuration in which two celestial objects occupy opposite points in the sky relative to the observer. Opposition is also called a situation in which the longitudes of objects differ by degrees. Direct ascent - in the equatorial coordinate system, the angle measured from the point of the vernal equinox in the equatorial plane in the direction of south-east-north-west. Progressive movement of the planet in orbit through the signs of the zodiac.

Direct movement is normal for the planet. However, in some periods it may seem that the planet is moving backward, that is, retrograde. Retrograde motion of the planet is an optical illusion connected with the Earth observation point. Ptolemy - the scientist of universal knowledge, astronomer, astrologer, mathematician and geographer, lived from 90 to years. Probably a native of Ptolemais in Middle Egypt.

He worked in Alexandria Egyptian. His writings had a tremendous impact on all subsequent astronomy and astrologers. Developed Synastries astrological compatibility and multifactor calculation of ephemerides. He laid the foundations of scientific astrology. The main work - Almagest, served as the foundation of astronomy until the end of the Middle Ages, and its world system was used up to Copernicus.

He left a harmonious theory of the interconnection between the microcosm and the macrocosm - the theory of the connection and interaction of cosmic and terrestrial principles in terrestrial life. Equinox is the moment when the Sun crosses the celestial equator. This occurs around March 21, when the right ascension of the Sun is zero the vernal equinox , and around September 22, when its right ascension is 12h autumn equinox. The equinoxes on the celestial sphere lie on the line of intersection of the equator and the ecliptic.

From the Latin word meaning "night, equal to the day. The duration of the day is equal to the length of the night. The spring equinox occurs when the sun enters the sign of Aries; at this time the Sun crosses the celestial equator, moving from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere. Autumnal equinox occurs when the Sun enters the sign of Libra; At this time, the Sun crosses the celestial equator, moving from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere.

A radius vector is a segment that connects the main focus to the point at which the body is in motion in its orbit. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac through which the Sun passes annually from about June 21 to July Cancer refers to the elements of water, it is a cardinal sign. He is ruled by the moon, his symbol is cancer or crab. Those born under the Cancer have imagination, emotionality, sensitivity, they are devoted to their loved ones and are prone to melancholy.

Rectification is the art of adjusting the birth chart used when the time of birth is unknown or known inaccurately. Retrograde motion is the motion of the planet, which is apparent from the point of view of the earthly observer, the reverse of the natural movement. Apparent recurrent movement of the planets along the zodiac. The Sun and the Moon are never retrograde. In fact, the planets of our solar system never move backward in their orbits; Retrograde motion is an illusion connected with the earthly point of observation.

This optical illusion is analogous to what happens when you look from the window of a moving train to another train that is slower than yours. It seems to you that the second train is moving back, although in reality it is not this way. In classical astrology, the influence of retrograde planets was considered weak and negative. Modern astrologers consider the influence of these planets to be positive, but manifested only at later stages of life. Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, in which the Sun is annually from about February 19 to March The symbol of this sign is two fish, the planet Neptune controls it.

Those born under the sign of Pisces are emotional, romantic, impressionable, they adapt well, have imagination and intuition. Saturn - [lat. Saturnus] is the sixth planet from the Sun. Belongs to the number of classical planets. The origin of the name is unclear. The Indian name in translation means the receptacle of being, reality, truth; and in Arabic it was associated with Shaytan and demons. Day of the week is Saturday. Monastery daytime - Capricorn, night - Aquarius.

Exaltation - Scales; according to other sources - Pisces. Fall - Aries, according to other sources - Virgo. Exile - the Lion and the Cancer. Friendship with Mars. Enmity - with all other planets. The number is 7. The astronomical value is the seventh planet of the Solar System counting Phaethon , the distance from the Sun is 9. The circulation period is The first of the planets around which the rings were opened.

In the Saturn system, there are three main belt rings and 17 satellites. Mythological significance is one of the oldest Italic gods. Etymologically associated with the root sat sow , which gave rise to the interpretation of Saturn as the patron of crops and seeds.

Around the 3rd c. The name of the latter due to the similarity of sounding - Kronos and chronos "time" - led to the interpretation of Saturn as an inexorable time, absorbing what itself gave rise; or as a seed, returning to the land that gave birth to it. On the other hand, under the influence of the same ideas about Krona, Saturn began to be revered as the god of the golden age and one of the first kings of Latium, where he fled, deposed by his son Zeus Jupiter , and where he was received by the ruling Janus.

Saturn taught his subjects farming, viticulture and civilized life. Astrological meaning - symbolizes experience, verification, the passage of time, and patience. He is called the planet of destiny. A planet of debt, scarcity, hard work, realism. Also - the principle of limitation, collapse, because it is Saturn that restricts any expansion, imparts a rigid form, a framework. It is viewed both as past experience and as tasks to be solved.

With a "good" Saturn, a person slowly, but surely, achieves the goal. The relative energy of Saturn emits Capricorn. The impact of Saturn is not so much an individual as a collective one, because it is in the same sign for about 2. In the astrology of individual Saturn, such concepts as parting, obstacles, endurance, patience, perseverance, solidity, constancy, alienation, loneliness, coldness, age, difficulty, cruelty, steadfastness, envy and greed are subject to individual Saturn.

In Mundane astrology, grassroots authorities, landowners, miners, the elderly; In addition, Saturn is responsible for national disasters, epidemics, famines, etc. In astrological methods of forecasting, he points to socially dangerous individuals; for the elderly, pensioners, poor friends or relatives; on religious fanatics; for day laborers, agricultural workers; on clowns, vagabonds and beggars.

Harmoniously aspected is the strengthening and preservation of the achieved, structure and form; the strengthening of the inner core, the concentration and concretization of past experience for practical purposes, the crystallization of ideas and the formulation of ties and relationships. Self-awareness and projecting of life prospects in time and space, inhibition of expansion processes.

Caution often unnecessary , circumspection or lack of confidence in their abilities; patience, modesty, diligence and justice, enforced by strict discipline and a firm hand. Persistence, prudence, vitality, reasonable economy; purposefulness, philosophical mindset, ability to withstand external influences.

A serious view of life, restraint in emotions, discipline of thought and willpower; coldness, slowness, inflexibility, melancholy, conservatism. Asceticism in behavior, rationalism and materialism in thinking, distrust and difficulty in communication. It is possible to achieve an authoritative position in society due to honesty, compulsion, firmness of spirit and perseverance of character, due to the principledness and ability to superabundance.

Tense aspected - antitheses to the above, as well as timidity, seclusion, tyranny, stinginess, narrowness of mind, pessimism and fatalism. Coldness, prudence, greed, hypocrisy, dogmatism, selfishness, self-interest, distrust, vindictiveness, fanaticism. Effective - through material substances and laws governing the physical body, bone and muscle system, energy-crystalline structure of the body; affects the long-term processes in the body childhood, youth, maturity, old age, etc.

Physiological functions - calcification and excretion of toxins and poisons from the body; maintenance of potential strength in the musculoskeletal skeleton, tendons, joints, cartilage and ligaments; tightening and compressing processes in the aura, strengthening and crystallization of energy-information shells; blocking or reducing spiritual potential.

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Diseases - the majority of illnesses from a cold, disturbances of microcirculation of blood and nutrients; obstructions and spasms of blood vessels and a decrease in the functions of organs and systems due to insufficient blood supply. Poor nutrition, weakening of the digestive functions of the body especially in childhood ; diseases of the skin, bones, cartilage and joints; deposits of salts, arthritis and arthrosis; atrophy, paralysis; diseases of the spine, teeth, hair.

Pathological disorders in the body as a result of falls for example, in childhood , injuries, psycho-emotional complexes and disturbances in energy information centers and aura points. Professions - employees of the administrative and state apparatus, law enforcement bodies, presidents of large firms and statesmen; builders and landowners, in general professions related to land, material structures and their derivatives miners, potters, sculptors.

Vice is greed. Virtue dignity is prudence. Christian religious sacrament - Anointing Soborovanie. Metal frame - lead. Precious stones - obsidian, granite, agate; all black stones. Plants - aconite, blue wrestler, valerian root, sweet clover, flea, hernia, medicinal haze, kalgan, feline, cross, buckthorn, moss, nightshade, parsnip, shepherd's bag, rue, black chiefer, Chernogolovka, pansies, flax, lichen, loquat, rye, beet, thorn, barley, spruce, cypress, ivy, pine, yew, aspen.

The color is blue-violet and its shades are leaden. Taste - cold, bitter, astringent and tightening. The smell is marshy and rotting. The organ of perception is the ears and the organs of hearing. Feeling is a rumor. Aspects of Saturn characterize the principles of self-discipline, with the help of which stability and stability are obtained. They outline ways and methods of improving the personality. In astrology, Saturn is a planet of discipline, responsibility, limitations and prohibitions. This planet is also called the heavenly tutor. Saturn rules Capricorn, and earlier also controlled Aquarius.

Now Aquarius is governed by the planet Uranus discovered in If Saturn occupies a strong position in the birth chart, the native is usually assiduous, assertive, reliable and inventive. The influence of Saturn can also accentuate pessimism, rigidity and selfishness. The Sun and the Moon are the luminaries. In classical astrology, so commonly called the Sun and the Moon. Now the term "planet" is applied to these heavenly bodies. The North Pole of the World is the point at which the straight line, continuing the axis of rotation of the Earth through its North Pole, crosses the celestial sphere.

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